I get it. Your life feels flat and you're not sure how you even got here.

You're full of anxiety, feel kinda sad all the time - for what? There's nothing WRONG.

You used to be fun... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??

Work happened.
Kids happened.
Marriage happened.
LIFE happened!

You got really good at tending to other people - your kids, your spouse, your parents who are getting older, your friends who are going through stuff, your church groups and the PTA and the neighborhood welcoming committee and those three moms who always need every damned thing.

But you got really bad at tending to YOU and lost your spark.

Your spark - the thing that makes you YOU.

Let's light it up.



In order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, I'm offering online sessions through a free, web-based, HIPAA-compliant platform called Doxy.me. There's no software to download, just click a link I send you. I'm also offering telephone sessions for those who can't or would prefer not to have video sessions.

Therapists across the country are making the same move to reduce the risk to our clients. We hope that by making these adjustments, our clients will both receive the services they need and be able to stay protected.

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